Translating images in the app stores (Danish)

We discussed it, and a summary as note to self and for anyone interested:

  • The screenshots & app store descriptions are apparently managed by Triple-T. So I wouldn’t need direct Google Play Console access for this (moreover, images uploaded directly to the Play Console will get overwritten).
  • I can do a PR to put the images in the code repo, and after it’s accepted just run ./gradlew publishListing (this file) (once I have the necessary API key) to get Triple-T to push the materials to the play stores.
  • The play store images & app store descriptions are currently stored in the code repository, e.g.:
    /app/src/main/play/listings/en-US/graphics/phone-screenshots. As we get more translations & more frequent (automated) updates of the images we think it’d be better to change this. The idea is now to keep only the English images & all (translated) texts in the code repo and move all localised images elsewhere (could be the branding repo).

Grand, thanks!

For the email, I would suggest something like the following:

Dear sir, madam,

AntennaPod, a free podcast player for Android, is available in Danish. Now we would like to localise the images in our entry on the Google Play store and on our website.

Apart from the titles, we will localise the screenshots and tailor them for the Danish market. To that end we would like to feature the podcast [name] with its cover image and one of its episodes in our screenshots.

However, we cannot proceed, of course, without your permission, as you hold the copyright on your cover images and titles. Therefore we would love to hear from you if it is OK for us to include your podcast in our promotion materials.

We hope to hear back from you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions.

Kind regards,

[your name]
volunteer for the AntennaPod project

Before you start translating - @ByteHamster any thoughts/comments?