Missing Podcast Search Results

Using Google Go 11. Cannot find podcasts that were available on my Android 6 tablet when using Google Podcast Player, for example Pimsler German. Also cannot find the RSS feed when I share, copy and paste the RSS link.

What do you mean with that? What error message do you get?

“Can’t install Google.” That’s the message I get together with “similar app available.” I gather that means Google Go which is preinstalled on my Lenovo M7 3rd Generation LTE tablet.

Huh, that doesn’t sound like something related to AntennaPod. Could you please take some screenshots?

Google Photos
If you can open the link, that’s a screenshot of what I get when searching for “Pimsler German.” In Google Podcast, I had 3 separate podcasts for levels I-III. I can find other podcasts but not 5-6 that are important to me like Pimsler. I otherwise like your app.

You mistyped the name of the podcast. It should be “pimsleur”, not “pimsler”

Oy vey, sorry… + 20 characters ##########

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