Move Audio files without resetting the new/played stats

My phones free disk space is running low.
Last time I moved the downloaded files out of the folder and onto my computer the feed seemed to reset and I had all episodes marked as new and not played.
How can I keep episodes stay as played and hidden when moving the files to the archive folder.?

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Hmm, AntennaPod shouldn’t reset anything if you remove the files. The only thing that will happen is that it still thinks that the files are there until you try to play them. If you want to be sure, you can create a database backup first (from the settings screen).

Something is fishy still.
Let me show two different states.
There is a backup from October where the sample feed is more or less in a state of “no new entries available that i haven’t yet listened to”.

Last night when i checked feeds after updating antennapod, the whole thing seems to be reset to the “beginning” of the feed sometime in 2019 and has
three digit number of new items. The show is broadcast once a week , therefore something must have gone wrong with this and other feeds and i doubt i was sleepwalking of any kind.

What could have gone wrong here?

Could you post the feed url of the broken one please? You can find it on the podcast details page.

Breitband - Deutschlandfunk Kultur

Are you sure you didn’t change the sort order? It does show all items on my device.

no, the listened state seems to be forgotten.
I have all episodes hidden which I already heard.
So episodes that are two years old shouldn’t show, neither should a total of 163 episodes show up as new. This is not about the order

Any warnings (orange icon) about that podcast on the download log page?

At line 414 , column 513 “unclosed cdata section”

That either means the feed is broken or that the internet connection was lost during refresh. Given that the feed works on my device, I think it’s the latter. That should go away when refreshing manually on that podcast’s page, though.

Can a feed error like this lead to a state reset for individual items though?

I would be pretty surprised if it did

MHmm, if you have ideas what it could be, im all ears.
Otherwise ill manually mark all things read as well as i remember it and hope it won’t happen again soon unless you have a better idea