Move new episodes to the top of the queue

Good morning everyone. I am fairly new to Antennapod. I’ve switched over from Pocketcasts, and love the Antennapod UI so much more! One thing from Pocketcasts that I did love was the ability to move new episodes of a particular podcast to the top of the queue once it is auto-downloaded. Is this possible with Antennapod? I know that there is a global setting to apply where episodes are queued. But, I’d like to only move once or two specific podcasts to the front of the queue.

With antennapod, you can either sort by date or by podcast name. In both cases, the whole queue will be sorted out. I don’t think there is an option to push epsiodes of one podcast to the top of the queue.

Can I also ask why did you switch from pocket casts? Thanks.

Just given this a try and I can do this in the Queue by dragging the episodes up and down the queue (pressing on the “menu” icon at the left of the episode name).

Note there is an option in the Sort setting to lock the sort order so you need to have this unticked.

Yeah. I can move it manually. I was just wondering if there was a way to automate it. Not a huge deal.

The main podcast that I listen to releases new episodes every Monday at 5:00am. For some reason, it would take Pocketcasts 24-48 hours after that to download them…even if I tried to do a manual sync/check.

Yeah. Unlike antennapod, pocket casts is centralised and their servers require some time to catalogue and serve these shows.

Thanks for the answer.

While having a delay is the reason I keep AP on hand for time critical podcasts the lag in PC is only one or two hours in my experience. Perhaps giving PC Central a nudge to get them to adjust their conflagration algorithm for the podcast in question?

I encountered a similar issue with several podcasts and it’s exactly the reason I moved away from PC to AP. Plus after the UI refresh with AP 3.X I actually prefer the UI of AP.

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