Multi Room Setup (Smart Speaker) possible?


This is probably not directly a AntennaPod question, but maybe this community can help me anyway.

I would like to be able to listen to podcasts in a multi room setup i.e. that when I change rooms I can easily continue listening from a different speaker (and the original would turn off).
I understand that smart speakers can support this while e.g. streaming from YT Music.

Is there any way to replicate this behaviour with AntennaPod?
I first started to look into smart speakers and my main use case is podcasts and I would like to be able to continue using AntennaPod. I would even be interested in knowing how setups that may require more effort could work (i.e. other smart home device in addition to the speakers).

I am pretty new to this topic, so any help is very welcome.

Thanks for reading my post.

App version: 2.7.1 (from Google Play)

Android version: 12

Device model: Fairphone 4

I think you can do that with Google Chromecast, which you can select from within AntennaPod (if you have a Chromecast)

I’m using AntennaPod with multiple bluetooth connected speakers. My setup works for my needs, but obviously involves manually disconnecting and reconnecting. You’re after something more sophisticated?

If I know I am going to be moseying around the house during a listening session I use my portable Bluetooth speaker which I originally got for use in a work van for those occasions the van radio was not working properly. My other option is to connect to the Bluetooth radio in my living room and use RF wireless headphones when I go elsewhere in the house.

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