Multiplyin i๐Ÿ’™ commercials interrupting podcasts

seems the i heart staff is flooding and making podcast listening very annoying to use , just like antenna tv.
commercials, commercials, commercials,= USA.! :woozy_face::thinking:

Yeah, the podcast โ€˜industryโ€™ is becoming more interesting for/popular among advertisers. Itโ€™s a good sign on one hand (because more people could be making a living while making podcasts) but very annoying on the other hand.

Oh well. At least AntennaPod doesnโ€™t add ads on top :wink:

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PS. Have you recently switched over to AntennaPod from the iHeart app? Or are you commenting on the iHeart content that you were already listening to in AntennaPod?

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