Navigating through podcasts with many episodes

App version: 2.6.1 (from Google Play)

feature you want: I was scrolling through a podcast with many episodes (200+) and I thought it would be useful if we had a “go to top” and “go to bottom” of the list icons instead of scrolling all the way up and down.
Similarly, I see there are some filter options (played/unplayed, downloaded/not downloaded etc), I’d like to be able to filter by date too, show only episodes from year 20XX or in a range of dates. I tried to use the little lens icon at the top, but I see it works only for the text in the descriptions (I typed “2016” but it showed me only 3 episodes where there happened to be the word “2016” in the episode details, not all the episodes from that year)


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So, I learned today that when you select “sort oldest to newest” or “sort newest to oldest” for the list of episodes, this setting is specific for that subscription, and the other podcasts are not affected. This helps solve my “problem” since I can sort with oldest episodes on top in podcasts where I have a lot of back catalogue to listen to, and with newest on top for the ones I’m up to date with, not having to scroll up or down or keep switching the sort option every time.
Just saying, in case someone else didn’t know that.

I’d still like the filter option for date.

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