Navigation bar stays white on Samsung device even in dark mode

I’m using a Galaxy S10e on Android 10 and One UI version 2.5.

When Antennapod is in dark mode and system dark mode is on the navigation bar background is white when I believe it should match the dark mode and be dark. Pic attached. It’s visually inconsistent at the moment.

Reading a bit into this I think Samsung has some different UI markers from stock Android that need to be coded in. I could be wrong.

Love the app! Keep up the great work!

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I’ll let one of the team respond here, but I think that has something to do with Samsung (though I could be wrong). I’m on Android 11 on a Pixel 4xl and it’s dark for me.

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Yes, I believe this is a Samsung One UI specific issue. I think app developers need to target this specifically because I have seen third party apps that work well with dark mode on my Samsung device and some that do not. Google’s Messages app also has a white navigation bar in dark mode, but then Gmail does not. It’s a mess really.

I can confirm my navigation bar is dark with dark mode. (With a phone which is not Samsung)

Didn’t see it before but I think there is an issue about this that you can follow on GitHub :


Appreciate the GitHub link, thanks! I’ll keep an eye on that as well.