New article listing AntennaPod as 4th best podcast app on How to Geek

Another articles where AntennaPod is listed.
Sadly there is some inaccuracy (like about sleep timer) but still it’s nice to be listed.


Interesting to see YouTube Music (the presumptive replacement for Google Podcasts) at the bottom of the list.

Curious to see another number at the bottom of the article with nothing behind it. I’m guessing that’s because Google Podcasts was removed from the list and the person updating the list forgot to remove the obsolete number.

" no corporate overlords" - what’s not to like?

Surprised Spotify even made it onto the list. Hopeless as a podcatcher in my experience in the past of using it for a couple of their exclusives.

I wonder if there are 2 to 3 missing features in AP that would push it over to a higher ranking?

PocketCast seem to always be mentioned as the #1

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