New Episode automatically marked as played, doesn't appear in list of episodes and older episodes get written over

App version: 2.4.0 (from Google Play)

Android version: 8.0.0

Device model: Samsung Galaxy S7

Expected behaviour: new episode of a podcast should appear in the list of episodes, every episode of that single podcast should appear in the feed of the podcast itself

Current behaviour: it concerns only a certain Podcast (German: “Echo des Tages” from WDR 5). If updated, the newest episode is automatically marked as played and (hence) doesn’t appear in the overall-list of episodes. Futhermore, the feed of the podcast itself is not consecutively updated, the latest episodes “overwrites” previous episodes, these previous episodes disappear from the list. This can only be fixed by unsubscribe and re-subscribe to the podcast, then every episode so far appears back in the podcast feed.

First occurred: this has been going on since a couple of weeks, certainly since the last major update of AntennaPod, maybe even before

Environment: There have been no changes made to the general settings or the settings of that podcast itself. As said, this behaviour only appears with that certain podcast

Does the publisher use the same title for all episodes? AntennaPod now combines episodes with the same title because so many publishers don’t manage to properly handle their episode IDs and therefore create duplicates.

Thank you, yes. That is indeed the case.

Is there any solution or work-around?

There is no work-around and I am not sure what we could do about it. Some publishers break their feeds by renaming everything except the title (so we need to match based on the title) but then, at the same time, others always use the same title. I currently can’t think of a way that would work with both…

Ok. I will try to contact the publisher, maybe they can do something about it.

But thank you very much for these insights, so at least I know the probable cause.