New Episodes are marked played without being played

App version: 2.4.2 Google Play

Android version: 10, OS Version 4.14.117-perf+

Device model: LM-G820

Expected behaviour: New episodes show as unplayed.

Current behaviour: New episodes are being marked as played even through they are brand new.

First occurred: a few months ago.

Steps to reproduce: Pretty much none beside the feed refreshing. Though seems to only be for the only podcast feed I pay for and uses credentials to access.

Environment: (Settings you have changed (e.g. Auto Download). “Unusual” devices you use (e.g. Bluetooth headphones). Did you select another media player?) None


[if available]

Am I really the only one having this issue?

You are not alone! Marked as played without playing. Marked as needing download WHILE PLAYING! Playing file A while art is shown from file B. Downloads failed, but showed as ready in queue. All kinds of problems! Thinking of going to another player while waiting for Antenna Pod devs get their act together.

I can confirm there is no such problem on my phone
I am using Android 11 and AntennaPod 2.5.2

@Kirkgrem what are you using ? You didn’t tell and it could help the devs to get their… <= Wait actually it’s not cool to react in such a way. Devs are volunteers, they didn’t screw AntennaPod on purpose, and there is probably an edge case or else there would be a lot more people reporting this. Besides devs are quite open and they listen and help.

I understand your frustration and it is no problem to use another player meanwhile but you’re not helping here with solving what’s wrong. (And you don’t feel like you will help if they need it… :confused:)
Isn’t it possible for you guys to test with a previous (or newer) version to pinpoint which release doesn’t work anymore for you? All releases are available here :


I went to github, but it seems that only source code is available. While I can compile things for PC, I don’t have an Android dev setup. Is there a repository of previous versions in installable/apk form?

APK Mirror has a bunch of old apks.

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Thank you!Thank you very much!:heart:

I spoke too soon! No one should trust ANYTHING from that website! Wow…never seen so many dodges in one place! Layers upon layers of them. ChronoTriggered is a bad bad person…

So, I’m still stuck with this issue. Switched to Google podcast, and while it lacks features found in antennapod, it always successfully downloads and plays. I’ll keep checking back periodically to see if the version increments.

I am sorry, I didn’t know that they were doing anything bad, any reason or source that says they did?..

So, I think APKPure should be good to go tho, here is a link to check Antennapod’s old versions

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