New episodes neither in inbox nor queue

My global settings:

New episode action = nothing (don’t add to inbox)

Max number of downloaded episodes = 500

Add downloaded episodes to queue = no

Per-subscription settings (for some podcasts): include on auto downloads, add to inbox

Downloading new episodes seems to work, but adding new episodes to the inbox doesn’t work at all. My inbox is completely empty, even though I have quite a number of subscription with the “add to inbox” feature switched on.

What am I doing wrong?

Auto-downloaded episodes are never added to the inbox because the already are downloaded. No need to sort them out to decide what to download and what not

What is the intended process from a user’s point of view then? How would I built a queue such that it contains only the episodes I want to listen to (ie not every episode from every subscription) and such that all episodes in the queue are downloaded?

Of course, I could do all those steps manually, but I assumed from the different settings options that there is a somewhat automated routine to accomplish this?

If you enable auto-download for a podcast, you are basically saying “I am sure I want to listen to all episodes of that podcast”. If there are podcasts from which you don’t know if you like all episodes, you can keep auto-download off for that podcast and decide/download manually.

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