New home screen configuration

Hello everyone

Can the new Home Screen configuration be considered confusing and less efficient than the previous one? I think that the choice of scrolling the “Hidden” entity just to hide some units is totally unecessary and confusing. The previous with the check boxes was more precise and provided a better UI for the user. Just a topic for discussion though! Thanks in advance

I just looked at the Configure Home Screen and do see how it’s less intuitive than the check boxes, but I appreciate that this arrangement allows moving the sections around - something that wasn’t supported previously. I had previously hidden everything except for Queue and Inbox, essentially to clear the clutter.

In a somewhat related topic, I would like for the Inbox display on the Home page to expand to fill the white space, but that’s a nit; clicking on Inbox from Home page isn’t rocket science.

@ueen was working on this exact feature. It is almost done but it seems that there is no progress recently

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yea i dont know why the other PR was fasttracked and now we have this hidden thing and i’d have to redo a lot of my PR. sorry couldn’t gather much motivation recently as it doesn’t seem to get any closer to merging this :frowning:

i guess we’re back wehre we were 2 years ago, i have a nice version i can use and that works and i put a lot of work and clean up in the PR and its not moving forward and i’m just not confident that it’s worth it to put even more in and it doesnt get merged again or something else changes or you want different abstractions or whatever.

I would like to get it merged just dont know how anymore.

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