New logo for AntennaPod - The Results!

Hi everyone,

After a call for proposals, a public vote, thorough analysis of ratings & open comments and a series of iterations, we’re finally there: a new brand for AntennaPod! :tada:

It’s made by 221pxls and selected by you, our community. Well over 6.000 people took part in the public vote! Many of you also left feedback which we used to further improve the most popular logo.

Curious to see how we went about getting the new brand? Interested in the analysis of the ratings & the open comments? Check it out on our website!

There you’ll not only find the voting results. In spirit of our open community project we also released the voting data, if you feel like running your own analysis :wink:

Version 2.0.0 of the app, with a refreshed interface, the new app icon & performance improvements, will release somewhere the coming week. We’re now in process of updating the branding on our different channels - you might have noticed the update already here on the forum. A new website based on the new branding is also in the pipeline.

Ideas for how we could use the new branding? Are your fingers itching to create a poster for us? Let us know below!