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I’m new to AntennaPod but not to podcast apps in general. I’m sure I’m missing something, but I can’t seem to figure out how to set the number of episodes to download of each podcast. Let’s say I subscribe to 3 podcasts, how would I achieve the following?:

Podcasts 1 & 2:
Download only the last 3 episodes
Delete all other episodes

Podcast 3:
Download all available episodes
Delete episode when played



Can anyone help me ?

As far as I know you can’t choose how many episodes to download per podcasts. You can only set how many episodes to download across all available podcasts with auto download turned on.


Hi @Norm , You cannot customize how many episodes to download for new podcast you subscribe to. Once you have subscribed to them all the new episodes will be downloaded from that point forward.

OK thanks, that’s a shame.

Does auto-download actually do you any favors? I just download the episodes I want.

There’s a relevant feature request here: keep the newest N episodes of each subscribed Podcast · Issue #2077 · AntennaPod/AntennaPod · GitHub

For me yes; I’m usually interested in everything and don’t always have time to manually download episodes. Auto-download ensures I have always a nice queue of things to listen to.

From what I see many users favour streaming or manual downloading over automatic downloading as they do not want to “squander” valuable storage space on something they may or may nor listen to or may not listen to for a long a time. An unintended (intended?) consequence of newer phones having limited built in storage and no option to slap in a decent size memory card.

In my case I do a lot of listening while out and about across an area of decidedly patchy mobile data coverage so want to have all my usual podcasts firmly downloaded so they are available no matter what. I do have some other podcasts with large backlogs and those I like to download as I add them to the play queue when I find the odd bit of time to fill.

If you mostly listen at home or work or somewhere else with a solid wi-fi connection then I can see that streaming has its attractions.


I appreciate the detailed response @gomezz. I do prefer to download episodes for the reasons you mentioned, but prefer to not auto-download for the other reasons you mentioned. :wink:

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