Newbie question on advertisement

First of all, thank you for Antennapod!
My question may be stupid so please forgive me.

I use lineage for a long time now, sometimes with google-playstore sometimes without and nearly exclusively apps from f-droid.

Recently I had to listen to advertisement for the first time after several years :slight_smile:

A podcast from a public french radio station (so normally without advertisement) contained an advertisement at the beginning (at about 20s, in the local tongue/language!) of the file.

Who does place the ad in front of the downloaded podcast?
Does the google-playstore-“universe” interfere or is the french radio-station simply implementing some advertisements? (which is kind of funny, because I don’t understand the local language.)

As I said, I am not an expert.
Thanks for any comment

It is very likely the Podcast host putting the ads directly into the audio of the podcast.

There is a feature where you could Auto Skip 20 seconds of a podcast, if you knew they always have ads or introductions.

open the podcast in AntennaPod
Click on the Gear :gear:
Auto Skip


Thanks for the reply and the advise. I will look into it.


Just to make this one clear because it sometimes gets asked in Google Play comments: AntennaPod does not and will never insert any ads by itself :slight_smile: The app is developed by volunteers without financial interest.