Next Episode icon on lock screen

App version: 3.3.2 (Google Play)

Android version: 10

Device model: Moto G(7)

Expected behaviour: In the past, there was a Next (or Skip) Episode icon on my lock screen (I had rewind, play/pause, and next episode). I think this was an option I set.

Current behaviour: My lock screen only displays Rewind, Pause/Play, Fast forward. I can’t find the setting to change the lock screen display to show Next/Skip Episode. Is there a setting for that and I’m looking in the wrong place?

First occurred: Less than a week ago

Are you talking about Settings | User interface | External elements section, Set notification buttons?

I have Skip Episode and Next Chapter selected there, so that may be what I previously set up. But I’m still only seeing the rewind & fast forward icons.

With Skip episode and Playback speed checked this is what I see on my lock screen using AP 3.3.2…


The right most icon is skip episode and it definitely takes me to the next episode in my queue. You aren’t seeing that icon with Skip episode checked those settings?

Thanks for the quick reply. I tried reselecting Skip Episode and Playback Speed and then restarting my phone, but I still don’t see any change to the lock screen.

I also have Skip Episode and Playback speed selected, but this is my lock screen:

However, if I open my phone and pull down notifications, I do see the Skip Episode button (though not the play speed icon like on your image).

Can you expand the notification on the lock screen by swiping down on it?

If I swipe down, the notification does expand and I do see the Next Episode icon. (Interesting)

Unfortunately, this also triggers the unlock function on my phone, and the notification is covered, so I can’t access the Next Episode function.

Did this start with a specific AntennaPod update? I suspect that this is just how things are on Android 10 – the system only displays 3 buttons without expanding, even if the app gives it 5.

Must be. For comparison I’m on Android 14 and when it displays it is atuomatically expanded to make all buttons visible.

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Looks like my app updated 3 days ago, which is around when the issue started, so I guess they’re related.