Nextcloud + Gpodder login question

App version: Google Play version 2.5.0-beta3
Android version: 12
Device model: Pixel 5
Expected behaviour: log into Nextcloud gpodder
Current behaviour: errors, depending on what url I use, normally 404

Steps to reproduce:

  1. This
  2. Then that
  3. Then this
  4. Etc.

I am just trying to work out the correct version of Hostname to use when setting up the Gpoddersync Nextcloud app.

My nextcloud is hosted at (or, but this just redirects to the first URL). in the login box, if I put in either of those two URL’s, I only ever get an error ‘Return code 404’ and I never get a web browser that opens to authenticate AntennaPod (as per the text that pops up briefly when hitting login).

Note that I have 2FA active, but I’m not even getting that far to put in a username or password.

What is the format i should use or what is incorrect?


Hmm, I never tested it with Nextcloud running in a sub folder. AntennaPod currently assumes that Nextcloud is installed in the root folder of the (sub) domain.

ah okay. Thanks @ByteHamster That could potentially be the issue. Shall I raise a report on Github ?

That would be great, yeah! I don’t have a Nextcloud instance to test with. If you could make me a test account on your Nextcloud instance, I can try to have a look at this.
My email address is info@<my username>.com.

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