Nextcloud gpodder sync doesn't work

Thanks for the great app! If not for the below bug, it’s been my favorite podcast app for a while :slight_smile:

App version: 3.2.0 Google Play

Android version: 13

Device model: Samsung Tab S8+ / Motorola Razr

Expected behaviour: synchronizing with GitHub - thrillfall/nextcloud-gpodder: nextcloud app that replicates basic api just works

Current behaviour: I’ve been using nextcloud-gpodder and antennapod both for months now, if not years, so I’m quite happy with it. Unfortunately, I’ve started noticing that it would duplicate entries for podcasts (in the podcast list; not items within a given podcast). That duplication also exists a bit on the server, when I look at my settings/user/gpoddersync page, but it’s less duplicated: some podcasts were duplicated 4 or 5 times in AntennaPod. Seeing this, I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled the app, hoping that clearing the data would help with the next synchronization.

Now I’ve tried to sync with the nextcloud-gpodder app, and only one podcast (out of 20+) has properly synced, every other podcast is marked as “unknown podcast”. Forcing a partial or complete synchronization doesn’t help, unfortunately.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago)
hard to say

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Use the app :slight_smile:
  2. sync with nextcloud-gpodder

Environment: Nextcloud-gpodder version: 3.8.2


Had the same issue when trying to sync two devices that had podcasts already set up. After removing all podcasts it works on the first device, the 2nd shows failed sync.
Managed to switch success/failure between devices by synching the other one first too. Same AntennaPod Version 3.2.0 on both.

okay, “unknown podcast” shows untill you reload it once, which is reasonable.
still getting the error (without any details) on the 2nd device though it seems to work as far as i can tell at a glance

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