"No chapters message"

App version: 3.1.2 (8d4270ab8) from Google Play

Android version: 11

Device model: Hisense A9

Expected behaviour: Having the chapters pop up when pressing on the “Chapters” button.

Current behaviour: Sometimes they show, sometimes they don’t and I get a “no chapters” pop up. Sometimes the whole Chapters button disappears after this, sometimes it stays and keeps showing this pop up. I then have to close the app and reopen it for the chapters to work again.

First occurred: Basically ever since chapters were introduced into the app.

Steps to reproduce:
Open app, start playing podcast, notice that chapters work, do other stuff on the phone with podcasts playing in the background, return to the podcast having had the screen off, maybe multitasked a little on the phone, receive the “no chapters” message.

Picture of the problem:

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