No cover art when offline

First time I have seen the absence of any cover art for podcasts and episodes when I used AntennaPod offline. My settings is the same as it has been.
When I logged in when online, cover art appeared.
Does offline use no longer display cover art?

Hi @Myapapp
Welcome to the AntennaPod forum. Normally there shouldn’t be any link between being network status and cover image. Could I ask you to

  • go to Bug report - AntennaPod Forum
  • Click on ‘New topc’
  • Copy the bug report template text
  • Paste it in a new reply to this thread, and
  • Complete all the indicated info?

Then we’ll be able to take a proper look into it.

Many thanks!

No new bug report other thsn the one dated in the bug listing for 3/18/24.
Here is what I noticed this morning … after “awakening” my LG Rebel 3 tablet running Android 7, the screen displayed episodes with no cover art - just a grayed box with the name of the podcast. So, it sppears that after the sleep timer is set for a playing episode, followed by the device itself going into a sleep mode, upon awakening, the previously displayed cover art gets replaced with a grayed out box. That is the sewuence “causing” the disappearance of cover art.

Hi @Myapapp
I’m sorry. Please provide us with the information requested in the template - a vague reference (3/18/24 I suppose is the date on which you created the other thread?) isn’t sufficient to easily and quickly get a full overview. If not, I’m afraid we can’t handle this as a bug report and change the thread settings accordingly. We are too few volunteers and too many issues to go along with this approach.

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AP v3.2.0
Android 7.0
LG LGL158VL smartphone

Art covers no longer appear for episodes or subscriptions.

I do not have this problem with two other podcast apps.

When I first installed AP, covers appeared consistently, then over time would only periodically appear. Now - no appearance ever.

Is there anything I can do to restore the cover art without having to delete all the data, uninstall and reinstall?

Does cover art need at least 1GB of free space to function on AP?
I currently have 800 MB of free space.

Android and the apps begin to prioritize what’s most important as the free space continues to diminish. In this case I suspect the cover art is no longer being cached.

I’m a fellow AntennaPod user (not a dev) and I know that doesn’t answer your question, but you might observe the answer as you begin to free-up space.