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Just changed to Antennapod and so far great podcast app. One thing, with some podcasts I was subscribed to with my former player, I now can’t download. I can subscribe, but there is no download button.
Does somebody has a solution? Thanx in advance.

There is a Prefer Streaming option in the Playback setting. Maybe you have that selected?

My guess would be that you subscribed to a text-only feed without media files

Thanks for your reply. No that is not selected. I don’t have a streaming button neither.

Thanks for your reply. That might be it. I can’t find the podcast when I search for it (in other podcastplayers, it is available). So I tried to add the podcast through URL. I can subscribe, I see the list of all episodes and then the only choice I have is: ‘mark as read’ and ‘open website’. On the website itself I can’t find the RSS for the podcast. Other podcastplayer don’t have problem with this.

What podcast are you looking for?

It’s in Dutch:
In Spotify or Soundclound it’s working. And in my former podcastplayer, PlayerFM as well.

Try using this address:

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Yes!! Great! :+1: Thank you very much @ByteHamster. Have a nice day! :grinning:

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Whenever you come across a show that doesn’t seem to work, just go to their subscription page or google “name of podcast rss feed” and you will get a bunch of results that give you the direct rss feed.

Thank you for the tip!