No more continue playback on bluetooth reconnect


Android version: 13
OS version: 5.4.147-26203352-abG991BXXS9EWH1
AntennaPod version: 2.7.1
Model: SM-G991B
Device: o1s
Product: o1sxeea

No crash report recorded

Since version 3.x in settings / playback the options to continue after replug headphone or reconnect bluetooth are gone.

Playback stops on bluetooth disconnect and doesn’t continue on reconnect any more. You must hit playback manually.

Only workaround is to use version 2.7.1

My wish is to keep this convenient feature in version 3.x.

Many thanks for this awesome player!

Unfortunately, apps that natively target Android 13 can no longer use that feature because apps cannot start media playback from the background. AntennaPod needs to target Android 13 to still be available in the Google Play Store.

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Hello ByteHamster,

that’s sad news - for Android 13, not Antennapod.
So I’ll stick to 2.7.1 as long as it works.
Many thanks for your fast and qualified answer!


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Hello, I recommend you to add antennapod’s quick tile, right alongside the Bluetooth one, that way as soon as you turn on Bluetooth and connect, just tap again and off we go! It works to resume playback at any point

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Thanks! This will become my workaround when I can no longer stay at 2.7.1. But then I can no longer just leave the phone in my pocket. I have to take it, start it, unlock it, touch the screen. All this I need not now. Only switch on my ear pads or car radio or BT speaker. That’s really great.



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