No resume after using headphone's stop button

App version: 3.4.0 from Google Play

Android version: 12

Device model: Huawei MAR-LX1A

Expected behaviour: Continue listening after an interruption (via BT head phones) of any length

Current behaviour:
If I interrupt a podcast by pressing the stop button on my BT headphones, I only have a maximum of 30 seconds to continue listening using the headphones stop button again. After that, it only works using the cell phone’s lock screen.
Same behavior after answering calls.

First occurred: since installation

Steps to reproduce:
See my description in current behavior

Environment: Used headphones: Sony InEars

Thanks in advance for support

I have noticed something similar with my car’s infotainment system (not Android Auto). I most regularly run into it when I’m taking voice notes in Google Keep. AntennaPod dutifully pauses when I start making a voice note, but often doesn’t resume when I stop recording. I hadn’t noticed a correlation with a particular time threshold (such as the 30 seconds noted here).

I just did a test talking directly to the phone with no Bluetooth or other devices involved. It worked exactly as explained: AntennaPod did not resume at the end of my first voice note of somewhere around 30 seconds, but did resume after a deliberately shorter voice note of less than 30 seconds.

I see this unable to start play issue from the notification tiles on swipe down.

Play any podcast. Pause it
Wait 30 seconds
Unlock screen if needed
Swipe down
Tap AntennaPod Off tile
Play should start, but it doesn’t

Good find. I thought my screen wasn’t accepting taps.