Non RSS Sources: BBC Sounds & ARD Audiothek

In the spirit of my Spotify Topic, i was wondering if other people than me are also intrested in getting new sources of podcasts in that do not follow the classic rss feed podcast standard completely.

Looking at the public broadcasting companies in germany and the united kingdom, ARD and BBC, i noticed that their own apps cover a wide range of possibly intresting series.

It would be cool if the AP app could search inside these portals, subscribe to shows , parse and view the meta-data and download them for mobile usage as well as stream them.

As a start for BBC Sounds you could look at


for the german Stations: and maybe individual sub station apps like


Yes, this would definitely be interesting for me too. The Italian public broadcaster is also about to launch a similar service (RaiPlay Sound). Even on their current platform, I have noticed that RSS feeds are often updated much less regularly than their website.

To work around at least some of these shortcomings, I currently rely on tools such as Fourble and Huffduffer, but some kind of native support within AntennaPod would of course be great.