Not able to refresh local folder after update

I have just updated to 3.0 and now I am not able to update/refresh my local folder - the spinnre just spins and spins for hours but nothing happens in terms of updating the folder. I also removed the folder compltely and added it again, but still the same.

I am using Android 8.

Local folder fresh is quite slow because of Android limitations. It got a bit slower in 3.0, if I remember correctly. What does the notification say? It should show how many files it processed.

Well it is not updating at all. 0 from 4.

I have seen this behavior when selecting a folder from Nextcloud or similar. Is the folder you selected actually a local folder on the device?

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Yes, it is the download folder of the Phone, and it worked perfectly with 2.7.1.

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Does this happen with all local folders or just a specific one?

I tried it with different folders, it happens with all of them.

I have the same issue, on android 8.0. Updating or adding local folders doesnt work. Tried with different folders (both on internal storage and on external sd card) with no luck. It does not show any errors, just spins aond spins endlessly (for days/weeks) without updating.

It worked perfectly with 2.7.1

I tried to disable and re-enable storage permissions, but it had no effect. The app can interact with storage in other ways, for example: saving backup db, or opml works to any specified folder.