Notifications Stop Playback

App version: 3.2.0

Android version: 14

Device model: Google Pixel 7

Expected behaviour: While playback is in progress, notifications from other apps will be received and have no impact on playback.

Current behaviour: Notifications received from Google Messages and other apps cause playback to stop. Manual intervention is required to resume playback.

First occurred: when I began using AP weeks ago

Steps to reproduce:
1.Play a podcast
2.Receive an SMS notification
3.Playback stops


In Settings | Playback, do you have the “Pause for interruptions” toggle on or off?

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Thank you for pointing out that setting. It was toggled on. I turned it off. Hopefully, this will solve the issue.

I spoke too soon. Changing that setting did not fix the problem. Playback still stops when texts arrive. This is very irritating and disruptive since I often can’t pull out my phone while listening to podcasts.

I never had any problems when using Google Podcasts, and I would prefer not to switch podcast apps again. As a result, I am greatly appreciative of any solutions.

Thank you.