Number of displayed podcasts

When I open a specific podcast it shows a list of numerous podcasts by date. I would like to be able to specify the number of podcasts of viewed. Such as I listen to the tech guy Saturday and Sunday show, so I would like for it to only show two episodes in the list

You want to filter podcast to show only viewed episodes? To do that you can filter a podcast with button on top.
Note that filter stick and you would have to remove it later if you want to see all episodes. Besides filter applied to a podcast is only for this podcast. (So if you want it for all podcasts you have to do it for each)

If what you want is a counter of read episodes you can change it in settings. (User interface and set counter)
Sadly right now you it’s only possible to have a counter for read / new / downloaded. So it will probably be needed to open an issue and hoping it would be implemented.

Lastly to know how many episodes you listened to you can also use statistics. Either the one for a specific podcast in podcast page and info or in settings / statistics.
For that last one you will see how long you listened to a podcast. Click on a podcast and you would have also number of episodes.

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Which ‘list’ are you talking about here exactly? Are you talking about the Queue, or the Episodes list of a specific podcast (e.g. ‘The X & Y Show’)?

And did you mean to filter (based e.g. on episode title, as @Matth78 explained), or did you mean to just display the two most recent episodes of the podcast?