Obsolete statements on documentation pages

While browsing through the documentation pages, I noticed a couple of outdated details with regards to money.

The General / Donations page it states:

The current developers decided to not accept donations.

Which to my understanding of contribute is no longer the case. With the preferred contribution form being through active participation, maybe one should rephrase the outdated sentence to link to the contribution page?

The General / Central and distributed podcast apps page states:

we can therefore not afford operating a server.

Someone lacking the understanding of cost levels might argue that this is not technically true. How about slightly rephrasing, rather than risk ever getting into that conversation? My suggestion is to instead motivate it with something along the lines of responsible use of funds and referring to the Donation Expenses Policy (which is published only in that post?).

Thanks for those suggestions @cos!

The first point about not accepting donations was already on the radar. The other points are good ones as well. I want to tackle them, but I first want to wrap up translations - to get the first translations up and running on the live website. So I’ll come back to this later - thanks again!

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