Ok, I'm sorry I don't know anything about coding, I'm just wondering why all my subscriptions keep vanishing from the app, as well as all my downloads. And why is it only now saying the export that worked before is now broken. I'm so confused

I’m sorry, I don’t know

Which platform are you on? Android or iOS? If Android are you either manually or using an automated process to clear app data and caches? No clue but that would be my first guess.

That sounds like this issue: All my podcasts & episodes are gone – AntennaPod

I have been manually clearing cashe everyday

Clearing the cache regularly is counter productive. It will make your phone consume more battery and more network data because it needs to regenerate all that stuff again and again.

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Can someone just told me what I do need to do before I lose my downloads again and throw my phone across the room.

I would cease clearing the app caches for starters. This really shouldn’t be clearing any downloads or your subscription list but I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing. Are you clearing data also? Are you using some sort of automated tool or app to do this? If so, maybe dial back the settings a little or just turn it off for Antennapod.

As I understand it, clearing the cache for Antennapod will not delete your downloaded episodes but clearing data might. That’s the only thing I can figure is happening at this point but you need to provide more details. Maybe describe in a little more detail what’s going on. And can you be more specific about the export being broken? Is there an error message? I know it’s not saying “it’s now broken”.

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@Radicalme13 The first step is checking on your phone if the broken database still exists and then saving it somewhere (on your phone/computer/cloud):

AntennaPod detects a broken database, it writes it to a file named CorruptedDatabaseBackup.db in the app storage directory.

Folders can differ between devices, but on my phone it’s Android > data > de.danoeh.antennapod > files.

Not sure, though, if it would still be there if you cleared the cache.

Nope, I just go into the app, and everything is poof

Not sure if you were replying to me, but I was not referring to what’s in the app – that we know is gone. However there may be a back-up from when the app did poof (it normally does that back-up, when the poof happens).

Again, the folder that you need to check is probably something like this:
Android > data > de.danoeh.antennapod > files

But you have to use the native Android file manager to check.