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I am running my podcast from my own web hosting and not using a host streaming service. This is because downloading instead of streaming is better for the environment and I it means I can miss out a load of money and hassle from having to use a streaming service.

My problem is that Antennapod wants to stream podcasts. Is there anything I can do to only allow downloading? I haven’t found anything anywhere which says this is possible.

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Hi James!
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Not sure this is the issue, but you might want to check one of the settings under ‘Playback’. There’s a setting to make streaming the preferred method (over downloading, the default). It’s probably easiest to go to the settings and then search for ‘streaming’.

Let us know if that solves your use-case!

Thanks or your reply. I can see that what I’m thinking of can’t be achieved on the podcatcher side but I’m grateful for you coming back to me. AntennPod is very good btw

Thanks a lot


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From a server’s perspective, downloading and streaming is pretty much the same (at least in the case of podcasts – things like adaptive streaming are maybe different). When streaming an episode, the player downloads the file partially until that part is played and then continues with the other parts. No special server capabilities are needed. Unless you plan to listen to one single episode multiple times, I do not think that downloading and streaming an mp3 have significant differences in their environmental impact.

Or if you often stop and re-start listening to (without finishing) a podcast. In that case it would cache and then throw away tiny bits of the data every time :wink:


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