Open position for ux research into podcast listeners


I came across an open position you posted at for a design researcher. I am a UX designer and educator with 3 years of experience in the field. I am interested in this role and would love to get in touch if you are still searching.



Hi Sindhu! :wave:

I’m sorry no one’s replied sooner to this. I also responded to that post on OSD a few weeks ago, along with @cristianson. I don’t know if @keunes has contacted you directly but I’m sure he will be happy for you to get involved - the more the merrier!

I remember the job posting was more aimed at user research, however currently we’re more focused on small changes to begin with. Check out this thread for an indication we’re currently up to -

If you’re interested in doing something else, I would contact @keunes. As far as research, so far I’ve started a Completive Analysis - which you’re welcome to add to :slight_smile:



Hi George!!
I’m Vee, do you need more hands to help with the User research or interface modification? I’d be glad to help!

You can reach out to me here or email me on [email hidden]


Hi all,

Thanks for your offers and replies! I just sent a message to @sindhum and @VeeChukwuma to explore how you both could help :slight_smile:

Side note: I edited the post to remove the email address to avoid spam being sent because of our project (all forum posts are public). But feel free to share it with others via the messaging system (which is not public).

Thanks again!


Hello everyone
I would also like to volunteer with the design and maybe a little front end.
I am a web interface designer and have experience with digital products.

I also came for OpenSource Design, Discourse, but I already knew the project, as a user


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