Opening episode root posts/objects to support cross-app comments

App version:

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
Some podcasters publish their episodes as ActivityPub objects, or create ActivityPub ‘root posts’, to which you can reply. For example, any episode from a Castopod installation (where episode = object, e.g. The Linux Experiment) or the episodes of the Podcasting 2.0 podcast (root post manually assigned).

I would love to be able to

  1. quickly open these objects/posts in my favourite ActivityPub app (for me: Fedilab), so that I can quickly see what others responded to the episode, and leave a reply myself
  2. see directly in AntennaPod how many comments there are on the episode

Suggested solution:
Implement a button a) to open the root object which b) shows in a simple way the number of comments. This button should (at least) be available on the full player screen, as it’s most relevant there. It could also be welcome in he episode detail view, e.g. in the top bar.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:
I can work on screenshots later. For now, there’s a technical discussion about how to ensure such interoperability between any non-ActivityPub app (here: AntennaPod) and a dedicated ActivityPub (in my case: Fedilab).

As I barely have any understanding of Android App development, I don’t get the arguments and can’t conclude anything useful from the existing discussions. I also have the impression that people bring in irrelevant arguments/proposals, but I can’t judge it and thus can’t reply anything useful.

Therefore the request to the contributors here: what would make sense from your (AntennaPod) point of view, in order to have a simple ‘open comments’ button in AntennaPod?

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Hi @keunes, is there any news on this feature proposal?
A comment function would be a very significant improvement for the whole podcast environment. The connection with Fediverse fits wonderfully with the decentralised, open approach of podcasts. It’s almost strange that no one has tried it yet. :slight_smile:

Hi @nkm789
Thanks for chipping in (again) on our forum :slight_smile:

The news is that, unfortunately, Fediverse app developers don’t seem to be interested in agreeing on a universal method for opening Fediverse actions. After my initial we’ve got lift-off toot, different app developers expressed themselves quite strongly about what should and what should not be done. As I’m not a technical expert I can’t do much more than listen to these opposing commentaries; I can’t mediate, or take stance and push forward. Discussions took place here:

Only Subway Tooter speared ahead and did a test implementation of one of the proposals. (And now I feel sorry for them implementing something that no-one else works on, as it is useless in the context of cross-app interaction.)

So pretty much a day later, I gave up.

We could of course just load the info on the side of AntennaPod and have a button to open the comments in the browser. But, as you can see from this forum post, there also seemed little to no interest from the AntennaPod side…

However, I’m still interested in the idea, and if anyone (maybe someone with more knowledge in the domain) is interested in making another attempt, I’m more than happy to support & push.

(Side note: Someone tooted this is a great intro to the working of the fediverse :slight_smile: ActivityPub Eats Your Brain!)