Option for different playback speed for rewinds

Suggested feature: To be able to set a playback speed for rewinds that is different from the regular playback speed.
For example, you might set the regular playback speed at 1x, and the rewind interval at 15s, and the rewind speed at 1.5x, so if you missed a word or 2 you can go through the 15s faster.

Suggested solution:
Add an option in the app settings, next to where you set the rewind interval. This could be a switch that adds a second slider in the main interface. Alternatively, it could be a multiplier of the main speed.

You can already change the skip backward and forward times, in the Playback settings.

That is not what I said, what I said was for example going back 15s, then going through these 15 seconds in 10 seconds (1.5x speed for rewinds).

What would the use case for this be?

I would kind of understand a suggestion to set a lower playback speed on rewind to be able to better catch insufficiently clear audio, but a higher?!