Option to manually set the feed image

App version: 2.1.1 F-Droid

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:
I use Antennapod as a hub for all my mobile media consumption. Besides “real” podcasts, I also collect other feeds, such as Youtube channels, TV shows (media libraries) or simply RSS/text. This works wonderfully and makes it easy to stay up to date with everything since you don’t have to look through multiple apps or feed readers.
However, many non-podcast feeds don’t deliver images, which doesn’t look nice in the overview lists.

Suggested solution:
I would therefore like to see a function to manually set or overwrite the image of a feed.
Would be very happy if you could consider this :slight_smile:

Hi @nkm789

Thanks for chipping in and welcome to our forum! :slight_smile:
I understand your request (it’s not nice to have a lot of grey image blocks, and also it doesn’t help with finding the right entry in a list). But as AntennaPod is first and foremost for podcasts, I don’t think an extra setting should/will be added to cater for a not-podcast experience.

It’s not that I’m against this kind of usage, but it would make the app more complicated (by introducing a new setting) for probably a relatively small group of users. And keeping the app simple and straight-forward is one of the key principles of the project.

So I’m sorry, but I don’t think it should be considered. Hope that doesn’t prevent you from enjoying the app still in future :slight_smile:

(If you’re using local folders as ‘feeds’, you can add an image to that folder which will be used in the app.)

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Hi @keunes, too bad you do not want to consider it, but I understand the principles.
Is there perhaps some kind of workaround I could use? My naive understanding would be that the feed images are stored somewhere in the file system. Is there some place I could put image files so they would be noticed by the app?
Thank you!

Nope, for normal feeds they are loaded only from the network. For local feeds they come from the file system. I don’t think there is a workaround currently - unless, maybe, getting the publishers to create nice RSS feeds with images.