Option to skip the beginning and/or the end of a podcast

I’m a new user of Antenna Pod

App version : 2.1.4 (F-Droid)

Feature you want : Option to skip beginning and/or end of a podcast (Feature ask by Draconian

Suggested solution : Add an option to skip the ads included in the podcasts.
As the duration of ads are often different (by podcast), the option would be podcast by podcast.
In the menu dedicated to a podcast, exemple :

Multiple selection
Jump the beginning of episodes
Duration of the jump at the beginning
Jump to the end of episodes
Duration of the jump at the end
Visit the website
Rename the podcast
Delete the podcast

Thx a lot for the app

Hello, right now you can already set a number of seconds to skip at start and end of episodes for a podcast.
Go to one of your podcast, then go to settings for this podcast and set skip at start and end.
You have to do it for each Podcasts. (No batch edit possible)