Organising new podcast epsiodes?

Just wondering if there is a better way of organising new episodes from my podcast feeds?

I like to have two lists of new, unplayed episodes: One for those from all my podcasts; and one for all my podcasts except those which may contain spoilers such as sports-related ones for events I have not yet watched such as the F1 highlights.

At the moment I have set Auto-Download to be globally on but turned it off for those few sports podcasts I don’t want to accidentally see. Then set a filter in the Episodes lists to only show downloaded episodes.

Is there a better way anyone can think of?

Just disable automatic updating for the sport podcasts?

That would mean turning automatic updating off each time a related event was happening then turning it back on again after I have caught up. Bear in mind there can be a number of episodes not related to events I am wanting to avoid spoilers for which I do want to know about asap.