Out of control queue management

How can I prevent every episode that I listen to for even a few seconds from automatically being added to the queue. I would like control of what’s in my queue without having to constantly delete all the episodes that got added just because I listened to them for a few seconds. It gets very crowded very quickly with episodes I don’t want in there. I tried to lock the queue but that doesn’t prevent new episodes from being added. Is there a way to prevent partially played episodes from automatically being added to the queue? Thank you

Are these downloaded episodes?

In Settings | Playback in the Queue section do you have Enqueue downloaded toggled on? If these are downloaded episodes and that toggle is on they will be automatically added to your queue.

That did not help. They are automatically added to the queue whether they are downloaded first or streamed. They automatically get added to the queue after even a second of playing the episode. Does this not happen on everyone’s phone? Is this an error happening just to me or is this just the way Antenna Pod is set up to function? I personally find it extremely annoying.

Playing any part of the episode means it is, by definition, already in the queue. I.E.: You can’t play it until it’s in the queue. I assume that is the case with any podcast player. Please help us understand your concern.

Ok. Thank you. I guess my issue is that this app SORELY lacks one thing that almost all quality podcast apps have…a playlist. When I originally inquired about that, I was told that there is a queue which is like a play list. But there are HUGE differences. I like to line up all my podcasts of a specific category into my queue with the nice feature of seeing how much time is left to listen to all of them etc. and a list of my podcasts I had set up to listen to. Then, every single episode I play for one second permanently parks itself in my queue until I specifically remove it, flooding my organized to do list into one big mess. (This is besides the major issue of a lack of multiple playlists, something that seems will never be addressed in this app based on the past posts in this forum :frowning: ) I guess your response makes sense if a queue is just a queue but responders should not be comparing it to a playlist, when people inquire about a playlist. It’s a shame because aside from this HUGE lacking, it’s by far the best podcast app. Thank you so much for your help.


It is not true that an episode has to be in the queue for you to play it. Go to the Episodes section, click on any given episode that’s not in the queue and you have the option to stream it immediately. When doing so, it is also added to the queue. Perhaps this is the behavior that the OP doesn’t like?

Sorry if I was imprecise. The episode doesn’t need to be in the queue prior to playing it, but as you point out, the act of playing it (whether downloaded or streamed) automatically puts it into the queue.

You’re quite right that there has been much passionate discussion about playlists vs. the queue, with some of the confusion being because the queue is a playlist - but that’s not at all the same as supporting multiple playlists. Since I have never used multiple queues in a podcast player I don’t have a dog in the fight, but I may at some point start using some of the queue’s sort functions that can provide some of the same functionality.

I understand. But I doubt you will find an app that calls it a “playlist” that forces you to add any played episode automatically to the playlist. This is why I say a queue is distinct from a playlist. Anyone who is used to a personal “playlist” would find this automatic flooding of the playlist to be extremely annoying.
Thank you for all of your help.

Actually I think if you disable add to queue after downloading in settings/playback then you can play without adding episode to queue.
But for those you want to have in your queue you would have to manually add them to queue which might be annoying.

I wish that were the case. Unfortunately, it does automatically add every podcast you sample, even for two seconds, even with that feature disabled. Thank you for the response.

Just a bye the bye: Why are you sampling so many episodes for only a couple of seconds?

I don’t generally sample too many for a few seconds. It was just an example of the most extreme case. But I do listen to multiple podcasts a day, including many short ones and some I’ll start to listen to but not necessarily finish. By the end of just a few days, my nice neat to do list (say a 15 part series of shorts on a certain topic) has many unwanted podcasts which now have to be removed so I can easily organize my to do list of podcasts again (as well as view the helpful but now skewed feature of playing time remaining in the queue to monitor my progress and plan for trips etc.)

To note that except if you choose to stream it means you would have to remove manually all your download episodes ?
And if you do then it doesn’t matter if it was added to queue since by default deleting download remove from queue.

It’s so bizarre to me that so much of this community just can’t seem to understand the difference between a queue and a playlist. Many say that in essence they are the same. I’m pointing out that a playlist is custom made the way you like it, neatly containing ONLY your specific list. It would also hopefully also contain remaining time info, so you can monitor your progress (as the queue contains). NOTHING else would be added except for what you manually enter into your neat, organized playlist. Your daily listening to podcasts about your sports team, news and any other that catch your interest that you don’t listen until the end will not be added (REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THEY ARE DOWNLOADED, STREAMED). It’s so simple (I think). If people don’t think that’s an important feature, then fine… too my disappointment it seems playlists will never be added to this otherwise amazing app. I’m just scratching my head at the number of replies by people that somehow can’t understand this seemingly very simple idea. Many of these responses just keep missing the mark as to what I’m searching for. Thank you all for all your help

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