Persian/Farsi Language

I am almost done translating the few hundreds missing Persian sentences and I have few questions.

1- Now that most words are translated, should it be reviewed by someone else? If so, is there someone interested to review them?

2- For the translation below, the “Save changes” button is not active. What is the issue?

3- Is there a way (like nightly builds) to see if these translations are accurate in the context of the app?

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Hi! Welcome to the forum and nice to hear that you are working on translations.

No need to review. We publish all translations.

Maybe the same text is already saved?

We do not publish nightly builds. You can join the beta test on Google Play to get updates with up-to-date translations 1-2 weeks before everyone else. The translations are usually updated just before the first beta version and then again for the final release.

Thanks for the great project and your quick response.

No, sadly that is not the issue. I tried to change the text, but only for this specific word, the button stays the same. Not a big issue.