Personalize and customize search results

Problem you may be having, or feature you want:

When I search for a topic keyword such as ‘tennis’, or ‘programming’ I see the same results, I would like to personalize/filter the results.

  1. Allow for customizing the number of results o r paginate
  2. Show an indication of I have already subscribed to a podcast
  3. Allow me to hide a podcast from appearing in my search results, and make this sticky and save this list of hidden podcasts ( allow me to show all and then un-hide )
  4. Allow me to filter by last updated time, or last publish time ( I think this is supported)
  5. Any other filtering supported by PodcastIndex or iTunes searches
  6. Save my search criteria into a saved lists so I can execute the same searches later to check for new results

Suggested solution:

Add a filtering option to search results and save my preferences of hiding certain podcasts.

Screenshots / Drawings / Technical details:

On an individual person basis, this is useful not just to filter out, but useful for seeing new podcasts based on the same search.

Let’s say I always search for ‘tennis’ and I always see the same 30 podcast in the search results. I don’t like any of them or I have subscribe to them already. Then I could ‘X’ / hide them from the search results, and only see new podcasts when I search again.

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