Play audio from a specified folder/file instead of subscribed podcast

Hey, first time poster, but longtime user of AP. Thanks for providing it!

I have new use case (for me at least). I sometimes download audio-only files from video websites (e.g. talks where video is not important) to listen to them on the mobile phone… How can I do that easily with AP? I cannot find a possibility to point to a file/folder in directory tree.

And a related question: does AP play ‘opus’ encoded files as well?

Thanks for your help!

You can add a local folder as a virtual podcast by clicking “Add local folder” on the “Add podcast” screen.

Just try it :wink: Most phones support playing opus files. If your phone can decode the file, AntennaPod can play it.

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This feature seems to be missing in the F-Droid build, I’m using the latest version available there, 2.1.4 (2010495).
On another device I installed AntennaPod from Google Play and this feature is available there.
I checked if in the preferences of the F-Droid build there is something that has to be activated, but I haven’t found it
It seems strange because this feature is mentioned in the F-Droid website but not present in the app, is there something that I’m missing to be able to use it on the F-Droid build?

Adding local folders is only supported on Android 5 and newer. What Android version do you use?

Great, thanks @ByteHamster! :grin: To my defense, let’s say it is a bit of a ‘hidden’ feature below all the colorful thumbs of podcasts one can add, no? :wink:

OK, just tried to add a folder. The folder information appears, but the list of files does not. I tried with different folders (and different file types), none shows up. I am on LineageOS 17.1 (Android 9) and obtained AP from F-Droid.


Hmm, AntennaPod only displays audio/video files from the folders. Could you try with a folder that contains an mp3 file? Also, if the folder has many files, it might take a few seconds to be displayed (refreshing local folders currently does not show a proper notification icon like normal podcasts do).

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So, here are a few tests with folders with one type of file (n<=25 files):

  1. *.mp3 → files visible, files playable with proper “episode” screen incl. embeded image
  2. *.opus → invisible, therefore not playable
  3. *.m4b → invisible (a pity, because m4b is a dedicated format, M4B File Extension - What is an .m4b file and how do I open it?)
    3a) renamed *.m4b to *.mp4 → visible, playable but some files no nice episode screen (conversion seems to loose audio book information?)
  4. (other, native) *.m4a → visible, playable with nice “episode” screen

Alright, seems opus and m4b have issues. Anything else I can do to support figuring this out?

AntennaPod 2.3.0 will display the *.opus files. Currently, it only displays them on some devices that recognize the file extension. m4b chapters are currently not supported. I will not add a parser for that but if someone else wants to, feel free to comment :slight_smile:

You are right, I am using an old device with Android 4, so now I understand why it’s not there that option, BTW this device still works really great with AntennaPod.

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Thanks for your response!

I guess the m4b issue is because of proprietary AAC stuff – and I agree, it is a p.i.t.a. – So no worries from my side, I encountered *.m4b the first time today and can easily live without it. :upside_down_face:

Thanks very much for providing a really great FOSS app to all of us, this is very much appreciated! :smiley:

Best, digisus