Play controls not appearing on Lock Screen with Android 12

My phone updated to Android 12 yesterday and I now find that AP no longer displays the play controls on the Lock Screen which is annoying. I use a mix of different media players for different purposes and I am finding that some do show the play controls on the Lock Screen and some do not.

An online search shows this is a problem across many models of phone and different media player apps and the one tip I found which did work for one of my apps was to make sure Notifications are allowed. However the others, including AP, remain resolutely hidden from the lock screen.

Apps which show the play controls include Pocket Casts; VLC, VRadio and Spotify. Apps which do not include BBC Sounds and Smart Audiobook Player as well as AP.

You guys seem to be the ones most likely to have the background know how to get to the bottom of why some apps do and some apps don’t and maybe come up with a generic app fix that can be passed on to developers of the other recalcitrant apps. At least confirm that I am not doing (or doing) something stupid.


Just found a thread on Android Central about this and one authoritative suggestion is to Force Stop the app in question and clear cache and data. Done this for BBC Sounds, Smart Audiobook Player and for AP and, phew!, it works for all of them.

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