Play first item in queue, not next item

Sometimes I kick off an episode maybe the most recently downloaded goes to the bottom of the queue and I click play. When that episode completes playing stops.

If I download two episodes they’ll both be placed at the bottom of the queue if I click the second one up both will play and then playing stops.

I think the default behavior or perhaps an optional behavior would be when the current episode finishes playing it plays the episode which is at the top of the queue that way you could potentially start any episode in the queue and it would play the entire cue very useful particularly if driving or your hands are otherwise busy.

Actually it’s up to you to choose episodes order. If you want to listen to episodes then resume with first episode in queue you have to move those episodes at the top.

Yet I agree that if you have reached the end of the queue it could be nice to have an option to continue with first episode in queue.

Okay so the ability to loop back to the top would be considered a new feature and the current mechanism of only playing the next episode in queue is by design.

Without knowing the design strategy I didn’t know if it was on purpose or a bug.