Play next episode automatically

When I play an episode of a podcast how do I get the next episode start to play automatically without having to add episodes to the queue

Hello @Jasoncovert1982,

Sadly you can’t. To do what you want I think it will need first to implement support for multiple queues and secondly ability to create automatically a queue from a podcast.
You can look on GitHub for multiple queues I am pretty sure there is already an existing issue.
Beside I think if ever multiple queue are supported it won’t be before having folders / groups for podcasts.

For my curiosity (and for the curiosity of all readers) why don’t you want to add episodes to queue?


Several reasons:

  • I’ve found a new podcast and I want to listen to all of it
  • I’m getting caught up on a podcast I haven’t listened to in a while
  • I want to have something I can just let go on in the background while I’m at work and ignoring my coworkers
  • It’s just one more thing I have to remember to do.