Play next using bluetooth headphone controls doesn't work after a refresh and auto downolad with new episode(s) added to queue

App version: 2.0.0-RC6 but had the same problem on older versions too.

Android version: Android 10

Device model: Motorola G Power

Expected behaviour: I have Auto refresh/download enabled. “Continuous Playback” disabled, Enquene Location > Front and downloads added to queue enabled. I listen through Bluetooth headphones all the time and use the headphone control to advance to the next episode. This should advance to next episode every time I use the Bluetooth control to advance.

Current behaviour: If there’s an auto refresh > downoad > episode added to queue the advance to next episode control on the Bluetooth headphones doesn’t work anymore. I have to get the phone and advance from it. This is difficult for me the way I use my phone and headphones.

First occurred: (e.g. about x days/weeks ago) Since v. 1.6. Worked as expected on older versions.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hook up Bluetooth headphones with playback controls
  2. Set auto refresh 1 hour, auto download and add to the front of queue. Make sure Continous Plaback is disabled.
  3. Use the Bluetooth control to advance to next episode until there’s been an auto refresh > download > add to queue.
    4.Try to advance to next episode with the headphone’s advance control. It will not play the next episode.

Environment: I use different bluetooth headphones. Happens with all of them. I have Auto Download - Auto Refresh 1 hour - Add to front of queue set. I have Continuous Playback disabled.

This is a complicated bug (if it’s a bug at all) to describe and the situation may seem esoteric, but it’s important to me based on how I use headsets and phone.

Does this only happen for auto downloads, not normal downloads? I am not sure if the two things are related. Could it just be a coincidence that this happens when refreshing but actually it always happens after that time?

I will do some testing to make sure, but I think it only happens with auto-download.

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@ByteHamster and @cdysthe

I have noticed the same thing and thought it was only because I have cheap bluetooth headphones. It would seem you are correct, ByteHamster, they are unrelated. For me it happens any time I have a download (auto or manual) that is added to my queue.

For what it’s worth.
App version: Rc7
Android: 10

I’ve mostly use my Jabra 75T’s which are not cheap at all. I do not think it matters. I would love for it to be fixed though.

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