Playback by podcast instead of playback history

Either this doesn’t exist or I haven’t found it, but sometimes I want to continuously play episodes from one podcast–for example, a guided meditation podcast for falling asleep, or a podcast I just discovered and am trying to catch up on. The default action at the end of an episode seems to be going back to the playback history and play the next one (in my case, usually the last five to ten seconds of every episode I’ve listened to) in that queue, rather than the next episode of a specific podcast, which would be a really useful behavior. Maybe I’m just missing something. Thanks!

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Hello, and welcome on AntennaPod forum.
You’re not missing anything, Antenna is “queue centric”.

On GitHub there are features request about allowing multiple queues or tagging If I correctly remember.
I think it’s needed to be able to create a virtual queue for each subscriptions and be able to have what you want.
Sadly it seems it is something which is not simple to implement with how Antenna is currently working. :-/

What you can do in the meantime is to add all episodes of that podcast to the queue. This can be done for all episodes at once by using multi select.

@ByteHamster can correct me if I’m wrong, but in the queue, you can also arrange each episode to the order that you wish to listen to them.

@Ianmm83 To use your example. Download all the episodes for the pod that you want to get up to date on, then arrange the episodes in order back to back and it should play consecutive episodes in that order in your queue.

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