Playback controls

I’m coming from where the playback controls have this format:
Prev: Go to previous Podcast
Long Press Prev: Skip back x seconds
Next: Go to next Podcast
Long Press Next: Skip forward y seconds

This was useful because I could use bluetooth controls in a similar manner in my car (I only have a button to go back and a button to go forward).

When I wanted to skip ahead by 30 seconds, I could just press and hold the next button. If I wanted to go to the next podcast in the list, I could just tap the next button.

Similarly, I sort my podcasts by download date. But, I try to leave the cerebral podcasts for listening during workouts. When I wanted to go to the previous podcast, I would just tap the previous button. If I missed an insight, I would press and hold previous to rewind.

How can I do this with AntennaPod?

I tried to look for existing requests similar to what I’m going to ask but I only found this one: