Playback fails to resume after auto-pause for other audio

I have been using AntennaPod while tracking workouts with Garmin Connect. For about a year there were no issues, every few minutes when Garmin would interrupt with a brief lap time or heart rate announcement Antennapod would pause playback and automatically resume it after the announcement. Starting around July 1st the automatic pause works and the Garmin announcement plays but Antennapod remains paused indefinitely until I manually release the pause by tapping my earbuds. I tried changing the setting in Antennapod to reduce playback volume during interruptions rather than pausing playback. Same result, volume reduces, Garmin announcement plays and then Antennapod volume remains reduced until I manually increase it.

I would guess garmin app is not giving back playback correctly. So AntennaPod is not notified it should resume.
Has Garmin app been updated recently? If it has been ideally you should revert back to an older version to confirm if it solves the issue.

This sounds like a logical hypothesis. I also wonder if the Garmin app’s announcements have become longer, since we’ve seen that AntennaPod won’t resume if another app takes over the audio for longer than around 30 seconds.

Thanks for the quick replies. I thought about the possibility that the Garmin app is to blame, but I tried the same experiment with a couple of other audio streaming apps (NPR and HDHomerun). In both cases the 2-3 sec announcement from Garmin overlays the existing audio stream and does not interfere with it at all. So I don’t think the Garmin app could have updated in such a way that it hijacks the audio focus but only for the Antennapod app. Could it?