Playback History in the Android Auto interface


First of all, thank you for giving us an open-source alternative and a great podcast player :love_you_gesture:

From the Android Auto UI, I’d love to have quick access to the playback history. I see it in the normal UI, but not in the Auto UI. Note: I’m assuming this happens for everyone and that it does not depend on the negotiated resolution, but I’m not sure.

If this is a feature you would agree to add, I’m willing to contribute it via a PR.


PS: I’m aware of the template at AntennaPod/, but decided to post here to explore the idea first.

Sorry to see no one has replied already. I would assume pull requests are always welcome, but don’t have much to back up those words with.

Would there be any reasonable objections against adding the functionality? I’m thinking that having access to less functionality while driving might be a win for traffic safety, but have no idea on whether that is applicable for the suggested change or if such interface policies are a thing AntennaPod even attempts to have.

Do you think you would still feel motivated to attempt clarifying the suggestion with some screenshots of existing functionality and maybe a mock-up of how you envision it to look in the android auto?