Player Control to finish epsiode

App version: 3.1.0 (Google Play)
Android version: 5.1 Android 13
Device model Galaxy S22 Ultra
Expected behavior::
Current behavior:
First occurred:
Steps to reproduce:

I am not sure if this will be a feature request or a user error. :slight_smile: I am not sure what the player control is called, in Beyoundpod, there is a control on the playback screen, that while playing an episode, when pressed, will mark the episode done. Is there such a feature or will it be a feature request?

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I would really like something like this.

Sometimes I’m done with a podcast and there’s still 4 minutes of ads and announcements, I could press forward many times ooor I could just mark as played but the progress bar will remain there and I HATE that.

If I can just finish the episode from the player screen I would love it

You can. That’s what the skip button is for.

Still does not fix this :c

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